8 Qualities of an online writer

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8 Qualities of an online writer

1. Must be a skilled communicator

Writing is meant to communicate a specific message to the reader. Anyone who is passionate about writing can learn communication skills. For a good writer grammar, spelling, and sentence construction skills must be impeccable. When in doubt about sentence construction you can always confirm using the grammar checker tools available online. Good communication skills make online writers articulate.

2. Always be an exceptional editor

The ability to write is not enough. A  writer should be able to correct and upgrade his or her content. After you finish your writing the next step is editing the content. Take a walk. Come back and edit again. If time allows edit for the third time.

The first draft is always raw. Take a while and fix all the errors and omissions. Time spent checking your work is not wasted resources. It’s preferable that you submit a single golden content than many low-quality error-full writings.

3. Be phenomenal storyteller

Storytelling breaks down a complex topic and relates it to the reader. When using a story to convey a message it is both entertaining and educational. Storytelling awakens the reader’s emotions. They can relate to the story and still learn something new. The writer and the reader experience a connection. They bond.

4. Be an Adept Researcher

A content that is well-researched and well-written captivates the reader. Creating value and providing useful information is the purpose of any content creation endeavors. This requires you to know how and where to look for reliable information resources.

 There are many sources of information but google search is the best of all. You can also use Reddit, Quora or any other site available for you. Only make sure that the information you retrieve is accurate. The quality of your content depends on the source. Being able to judge the credibility of sites according to your niche is an honorable skill of online writers.

6. Knowledge of your Audience

Never write for the sake of Writing. Ask yourself who will read your article.  Do your audience research. Freelance online writers need to thoroughly consult the business owner or the contractor to understand the target audience.

7. SEO knowledge

If readers cannot reach your audience it is worthless. This is why SEO becomes very important. It is not easy but you don’t have to be an expert. Just learn the basics. As you continue you will learn advanced techniques.

7. Flexibility

What is trending today may be obsolete in the near future. Online writers excel in the digital realm. Though the digital world is changing writing remains solidly founded on language. Customers change too. Their preferences may differ over time. If you can’t catch up with the changing times your writing career may be grossly affected. A good online writer changes with the changing trends.

8. Be an expert in Social media

Marketing products and services require you learn social media marketing strategies. Content has a high chance of reaching the target audience if it goes viral in social media. Your content will rank high in the search engines if it’s popular on social media platforms. Social media keeps you in constant contact with your target group. Just know your target audience and your content will be exceptional. Superb.

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