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For me, it is okay to assume that all dogs eat grass because all the dogs I have ever known occasionally ate grass. I have never understood exactly why. And to my amazement nobody does.

If you know why that is a piece of information I would want to have because I love dogs.

Being a carnivorous animal, having herbivorous traits of chewing herbs might be worrying to some dog owners. 

I think it is just normal canine behavior and you should never be concerned about it.

  • Maybe they lack some minerals found in the grass

Pregnant mothers eat soil that is rich in Iron; their bodies just crave for the soil though they may never know why. It has been proven that; they instinctively eat the soil that is rich in iron to satisfy a deficiency in their body at that period. 

Like Soil to our mothers, especially in my locality; the grass is not harmful unless it is contaminated.

  • The grass makes them throw up whenever they have stomach discomfort

I have noticed that dogs vomit every time they eat grass. 

Many people have. This theory is the most popular. It is widely believed that when a dog has a stomach discomfort or has eaten something poisonous they chew grass to induce a throw-up. Unchewed Grass tickles the throat and makes them throw up. So dogs do not vomit because the grass is harmful to them for it can be harmful only if it is sprayed with a pesticide. 

Vomiting is a dog’s temporally solution for nausea. But some people dispute the idea, saying that it has not been scientifically proven.

  • Maybe they are trying to balance the diet.

After eating meat and nothing else, the dog’s body craves for a more balanced diet. The only thing that is available and is neither bitter nor poisonous is the grass.

But no matter how nutritious the food is the dog may still eat grass. Doctor Jim Kennedy of Greencross Vets Beenleigh has this to say, “Grass contains dietary fiber. If you’re not feeding your dog a premium diet, it may be eating grass to source extra roughage. Roughage helps stimulate the intestinal tract and is a vital part of their diet”

  • Some dogs find it sweet

What is sweet to one might not necessarily be sweet to another. Some dogs may find it sweet. They might be enjoying it, just be enjoying the taste. This may be as a result of an obsession disorder, a dog obsessed with eating grass. I call it a disorder because a dog should only be obsessed with raw meat. 

Technically, this disorder is known as pica. Pica disorder is when one is obsessed with eating things that are not food and obviously not beneficial.

  • Some do it for no reason at all

Some people are for the opinion that when dogs are bored may do a number of things to cheer themselves up. One of them is to playfully chew the grass.

Dogs have been the best human companion from the animal kingdom for many generations, but we may never understand them fully.

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