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It’s common knowledge the world over. Safaricom pays well. It is one of the best-paying companies in Kenya. Of course, this is alongside IBM, Google Kenya, price water coopers, Centum, just to mention a few.

Employees in these institutions enjoy hefty salaries. A comprehensive medical cover. And ofcourse, the prestige that comes with such a job.

This is one of the dream jobs for every working-class man alive.

Me too. Even you?

May God hear our prayer and grant the desires of our hearts. Can you say Amen?

Everyone, everywhere, always look forward to earning enough money to buy his family a home. Pay every bill. Save. Occasionally contribute to friends during weddings, burials, fundraising, etc. And also to be able to support their  parents and family members, and to be in a position to stand with a local church they attend in times of need. 

It feels good to know that, all your bills are fully taken care of. And at the end it all you will receive a handsome retirement package. 

Am not here to talk about Safaricom. But a more serious issue.

  • Tearfully Employed

Most of our population earn their livelihood by employment.

They work in the private sector,  institutions, NGOs, Parastatal, Or the Government.

This guarantees payment every thirty days. In fact, all over the world, salaries are calculated monthly.

Let’s focus on employment in the private sector. The elephant in the room.

Okay, let’s go…….

Most of the wages in this sector are not sustainable. Not enough for rent, food, transport, and savings. 

Most of our people can’t save. They all want to. But it’s barely enough for cheap food. Ugali and sukuma wiki. Githeri cabbage. Chapati madodo.

How do they report to work? Route Eleven…

I am familiar with route eleven. A name that was given to the long walk to the industrial area or town center. That is walking along Juja road.

Back in my school days. I trekked every day to and from Babadogo. I started college at Kenya poly; now Technical University. For two years, I was on route eleven.

Try taking route eleven one day. For leisure, if you not familiar with this lifestyle.

You will encounter very frustrated men. Who are hungry. Malnourished. Feeble. Depressed. Unhappy. Powerless. Dragging themselves to the industrial area or the CBD. Reporting to jobs they hate. They just don’t have a choice. Or do they?

Their employers know this too well. They have created that hate. They continually hurt them. Insult them. Beat their ego. Ruin their humanity. Break their self-esteem. Rend manhood completely. Emotionally rape them. 

They remain with a shell of a human being. Dead, yet alive. Paid just enough to keep them on the job, and working just enough to keep the job. It’s painful. 

These are our fathers, brothers, mothers, and sisters. I didn’t forget our uncles, aunties,  and cousins. Neighbors, of course, I remember you. I know your plight.

Are you a victim? Don’t stop praying. Never stop hoping.

God will send Moses to your Pharaoh. You will be freed. You will enter  Canaan. Free. Happy. Fulfilled. Satisfied. Great! You smiled!

  • Kama hautaki kazi koda

Working in the private sector can be hell. Especially when working for the Indians, Chinese, Arabs, or some fellow Kenyans. 

Those working for people with British or American origins are deemed to be lucky. Why? Better pay. They are treated like humans. With the dignity they deserve. We envy them. 

“Kama hutaki kazi koda” is a famous Indian phrase they use when oppressing their workers. They are not supposed to talk. Don’t complain. Don’t ask for better pay. Don’t ask for gloves. Don’t ask for gas masks. Never demand human rights. Just work. 

To them, you are not human. But just a worker.

They treat their workers like they have no heart. No soul. No feelings. No brain. You shouldn’t get tired. You shouldn’t Fall sick, Or feel pain.

They take advantage of the high rate of unemployment, Ignorance, and poverty in Kenya. Because, if you don’t report to work, quit or get fired, there are people at the gate waiting to be hired. You are replaced at once.

So sad.

Some women are forced to have sex with their bosses against their will or quit. When raped, they keep quiet because they need to keep the job so badly. They have children to feed, to cloth and to educate. Even married women. They would rather endure the pain, the abuse, the trauma than see their children hungry, naked, and without an education.

They continually endure hoping for a miracle.

A few may start planning on how to escape from this modern day slavery. They may save towards it. They make it sometimes. Other times they don’t.

  • Modern-day slave trade

Our fellow Kenyans have gone to Saudi Arabia in a desperate search for better-paying jobs. We all have heard the harrowing stories that followed. It was like a death trap.

They discovered they were tricked when it was too late. At a point of no return. They were overworked. Underpaid. Some were never paid at all. Others are tortured to death. A few are pushed to commit suicide. Many came back home, greatly depressed, empty-handed, and emotionally crippled. With regrets beyond imagination.

These agencies sending our frustrated people to slavery into the Arab nations are just modern-day slave traders. They take advantage of the sufferings of our people. Sell them abroad. 

They are rich with blood-stained money. Human traffickers. Is this really a Christian nation, 80% christian? I wonder.

Some government organs need some awakening. The cry of the afflicted should be heard. Action needs to be taken at once.

Let me change the subject. I am already in tears.

  • If you want better pay go work for Safaricom

Asking for better pay, better conditions of work or even for overtime is a criminal to some private employers. They pay what they want when they want to. Take what they offer or quit. They don’t give a damn.

As they always say. “There are many people looking for a job like this. Some will even accept a lower wage. Don’t you see I am doing you a favor”? The workers then bow to their demands without question. They accept to be exploited. Mistreated. Misused. Silently. What else can they do? 

They will tell you that they don’t need you. You need the job. You have to put up with them. Agree with them even when they are wrong. Damn wrong. Even worship them. 

Dear employer, don’t raise your status to that of a god. Just because you have employed some people, you have not become a god to them. They may cry to God. He may humble you by force. You know what I mean.

“If you want a better pay, go work for Safaricom” A rude manager once answered a junior. He had innocently requested for a pay rise. When you feel that, your input doesn’t match the output, anybody has a right to make the request. It is not an offense.

I am not a lawyer. But the answer was uncalled for. It costs nothing to be nice. If you are paid well, don’t block the rest from receiving what they deserve. That’s being wicked. Selfish. Evil. Demonic. 

After you have drunk your fill from a well. Don’t urinate inside. That’s lack of character. Let others drink from the same well too. It is not your well. You found it. Leave it as you found it if you can’t make it better. I know God is watching. Nobody is indispensable. Though some are irreplaceable. But all are substitutable.

When one man refuses to be oppressed and quits, he creates room for another oppressee. So that’s not the answer to the problem. Evil bosses will always get another one. The cycle repeats itself. When the next one grows horns. That is; when they can no longer accept the oppression. They give room to another.

The lucky ones got better jobs. Luckier ones started their own businesses.

  • Self-employment

This is the best alternative form of employment.

Many suffering under evil bosses in employment, always dream and eagerly long for self-employment. Some have saved for it. Others haven’t or they just can’t. Their meager wages don’t allow it. 

The best form of employment is when one has employed himself.  Everyone everywhere is yearning for it. It’s very challenging to start and breakthrough into. One needs a heart of iron to venture into it. An unbreakable spirit. 

Lack of good ideas stands in the way of many. That’s knowing what to do, where, how, and when. Financial constraints have strangled the dreams of many.

Is that you, brother? Never stop dreaming. Dreams come true.

What about exploring business ideas people can venture into;

a) Computer and internet services

b) Article and E-book writing

c) Start youtube channel

d) Greengrocer and fruit parlor

e) Real estate broker

f) Government supplies

g) Greenhouse Farming

h) Taxi business

i) Consultancy in your area of expertise

j) New and second-hand clothes 

k) Soap and candle making

l) Selling eggs and smokies

m) Snack and fast food

n) Food retail shop

o) M-pesa shop


How to raise the business Capital

  • Savings

You can start saving. Saving is the best long term method of raising capital. This takes a long period of time. 

You may decide to save a part of your salary every month. When you have saved enough to start your dream business you resign.

  • Loan

The easiest way to get the capital you may need to start off is by getting a loan. Not everyone will qualify for a bank loan. But nowadays there are saccos that allow people to take loans without collateral.

You can also try writing a business plan to a bank for financing. This usually works well with an existing business. They are not interested in cash flow projections. Give the statements of past and current cash flow.

Collateral will be requirement number one if all you have is just a documented business plan and not a running business. Banks need solid assurance of getting their money back with interest.

You can join one of the SACCOs that give loans to a group of business people. These business people guarantee each other. 

You can identify one and start saving as your wage allows. Do some research on the best business ideas. Start planning. Know how much money you may need to start off. Set a time.

  • Friends and relatives

You may also approach a friend or a relative who can finance your idea. If your business idea is attractive. Somebody may accept to partner with you. This where the KCB Lion’s Den comes to play. 

This the best exit plan.

Above all, seek advice. Believe for God’s guidance. Talk to those already in the business you would like to venture into. Learn everything there is to know about it. Also, understand the risks. And when you feel that you are ready, Jump in. Start earning. You are your own boss.

When your business grows. Hire people. Treat them well.


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