4 Tips That Will Make Writing Easy For You

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4 Tips That Will Make Writing Easy For You

Let’s talk about writing.

In fact, that is what I am doing right now. Not because it is so easy, but it is my passion. I love writing down my feelings. Especially when what is in my mind may be of help to somebody else. That’s all.

Writing is simply putting down your thoughts and imaginations on paper. People can only know what you think or feel about something when you speak it or when you write it down.

What is in your heart won’t be beneficial to us until you share it. Writing is the most efficient. The most effective. It will reach more people. Writing has the unique ability to outlive the writer. 

To some, writing is a hard nut to crack, but to others, it is a cup of tea.

Many people who are passionate about writing some times don’t know what to write. Severally I have picked up my pen only to put it down because nothing worth writing about crossed my mind.

Be honest, you have been there. Or are you there now?

Don’t worry. Soon you will have so much to write about. Time won’t be enough to put down everything on paper. Trust me.

The choice of what to write is hard work. Words may flow very
easily when a topic is presented to you. The decision of what you will write about is the secret behind successes in writing endeavors.

As we continue in this journey, writers, the beginning might be a bit tough. But as time goes by, ideas begin to flow naturally. At that point, our first draft requires little or no editing at all.

At the initial stages, writing is a gigantic challenge. We struggle to construct grammatically correct sentences without repetitions.

Reading a variety of writings from different writers, fill our minds with stories and words. It makes us unique. People unwittingly copy the writing style of a particular author if they are only reading content created by that one particular writer.

With the passion, writing can be easy and fun.

Here is how;

  1. Gifted to write

There are people who just can’t write. Writing is not their thing. It is not in them. Telling them to write is like trying to force a square peg through a round hole.

Don’t break the ranks, if writing is not your talent, just follow your heart. Find your lane and run along.

2. Read. Read. Read

Every proficient writer is a good reader. Reading inspires you. It improves your grammar, sentence construction and the use of words.

3. It demands patience

Patience is a virtue for every good writer. You must be willing to spend quality time generating the content, editing and polishing it.

We are not in a hurry to publish half baked content.

Just take your time. After the first draft, put down your pen and take a walk. Edit it. Sleep on it. Go through when you are fresh.

Give it to somebody else to read through.

When you are confident that what you have is golden, publish it.

4. Have a mentor

Everyone who has really excelled in his or her field had someone
he or she was looking up to. You need a friend to critic your work. You need a writer who is ahead of you. He will help you improve and become better.

Writing is easy if you are gifted, you are patient, and you
are good a reader and you have a mentor.

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