Managing the Time

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Managing the Time

Life is made of time. Time wasted is life lost. This makes time very precious. With the right Time management skills, we can achieve so much in a very short time.

What is time management?

It is the process of planning the amount of time that must be spent on a specific task. To achieve our dreams, it is of utmost importance that we master the art of planning the time at our disposal. This will make us stress-free because we can actually accomplish more in less time.

When time is managed effectively, efficiency and Success are guaranteed. Clients are happy. And we get more returns.

Everyone can do it. We have to do it. Now.

Why manage time

  • Tangible progress will be realized

Many squander precious time engaging in unimportant and unnecessary activities. They are then left with very little or no time at all. So they can’t even finish the smallest tasks.

Time management is a serious battle we all have to fight if we take our time seriously. Disciplined lifestyle is a necessary step taken by those who are determined to excel.

Progress does not just happen. People make it happen.

Time to make things happen is just not there. Successful individuals
confess to creating time required. Time is just not there. You have to create it.

Do you want something bad enough? You will have time for it.
You will make it happen.

  • Realizing goals

We all have the same amount of time. That is the bitter truth. God gave us enough time to achieve all our goals. But many people will not accomplish anything. They will blame it on not having enough time.

Those who have made it and those who haven’t, both has 24 hours every day. Seven days every week. It all depends on how each one spent his.

It is important to prepare a ‘to do’ list every morning. Have a work schedule for all you plan to do during the day. Analyze how much time to be spent on task ‘A’. Try your best to reduce time wastage.

Deliberately tackle every task. Finish it before you move to the next. Set time for each task. You will be shocked by how fast you can get things done.

And in no time you will be smiling at your goals.

Well done!

  • Venturing into new opportunities

The world always wonders how one man can do so much while the majority have done literary nothing worthwhile with their lives. Good time management leave you with a lot of extra time. With the time left, you can look into other areas. Trying to find new opportunities.

The reason why we never get new ideas is that our minds are always clogged up with unfinished work. Unmet deadlines. Angry clients. We become anxious. Stressed. Almost depressed.

When our minds are clear and free, we can see new things. We can make better judgments. Venturing into things becomes possible. And you know it is also adventurous?

How to manage time;

  • Setting  goals

Have a target for a set time. Decide where you are going.

 As we were taught in school, every goal must be SMART; that is; specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Time is a scarce resource. Use it well. Know the steps to take to accomplish a task. Determine how much time it will take.

  • Prioritize

Never do things haphazardly. Put things in their order of priority.

Put First things first!

The urgent and most important things should come fast. Those which are important and not urgent follow thereafter. But those which are not important, but are urgent must come last.

Never spend time on things that do not add value to your life or business at the expense of those things that are crucial for your progress and success.

  • Plan ahead

Have a plan of action ahead of time. Take time to think
ahead. Fifteen or thirty minutes spent on planning every morning or the night
before is golden.

Have a clear mind as you face every day. Know what you will do when. Keep a time table, a diary, a journal or a time schedule. Avoid confusion and unnecessary

If you do this, you will be happy.

Time management is characteristic of all successful people. They have developed time management techniques. They stick to their plan.

The rest of the population waste most of their time. They
watch TV for hours. Others just loiter around the neighborhood. They just don’t
know what to do with all the time at their disposal.

They will run at the eleventh work.         

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