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Online marketing is at a cross-road.  Social media marketing is taking over, especially Twitter and Facebook

Many business owners today are in a dilemma due to the increase in social media activities. Some have neglected their websites and crossed over to Facebook. 

It was reported that Facebook had about 2.19 active users in the first quarter of 2018. These are potential customers. But Facebook can never substitute a company’s website.

As a business owner, what would you rather do, Set up a shop in someone else premises or own a space fully dedicated for your business? In the first option, you are subject to the owners of the space. They can kick you out if you don’t adhere to their rules no matter how unreasonable or if they don’t want you there anymore.

But in the second one, you are in control. What happens in other peoples businesses is not likely to affect you. The same is true with having your own website instead of owning a page in a social network, in this case, Facebook. They limit your engagement with your clients.

Your business does not own the Facebook page.

A business does not have full control of the Facebook page or account because Facebook can change their laws and policies anytime.

Though the risk involved is minimal, like losing some important data, it is not very professional to have so many clients and potential visiting a website that is not theirs apart from the company owned website

Competition on Facebook is a bit too stiff.

Since many businesses consider Facebook as a potential market for their products they have flooded Facebook with ads. A client cannot have a 100% concentration on your page without being interrupted by other businesses selling similar products.

A company’s website is very strategic because a customer will have undivided attention even if it is for a short time. Customers can easily make a decision to buy the products or the services on offer without being distracted by the competition.

Many potential customers do not have a Facebook account

The current global population was at 7.6 billion as of June 2018 according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by Worldometers. But Facebook has only about 2.19 billion as indicated above. This is a very small percentage. Most of the people who might need your products and services may never know about them if you only use Facebook to showcase your products.

Unlike a Facebook account, a website guarantees a long-term business

Facebook might be a wonderful place to acquire new prospective customers but it does not offer a lasting business relationship. A company by encouraging its follower to sign up to their websites ensures that they will stay in contact because they get them to give their email addresses.

You cannot be sure of being on the client’s Facebook newsfeed but you are guaranteed of being seen in their email boxes, whenever you send them a mail.

A website is not limited

A website that is professionally set up is an extension of what the company hopes to achieve in the long run. It provides its customers with all the information required and helps them understand the company’s plan of action. Your website makes you different from your competitors because you customize it to tell your story in a more attractive and enticing manner.

Your business website gives freedom for branding, unique designs to meet your particular requirements and growth. But Facebook is phenomenal for some consumer based entities like hotels, bars, guest houses, etc.

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