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I have a story.

What story? What you have is not a story.

It is a beautiful story.  Many people will love reading it.

Don’t bother writing it. In fact, you can’t write. Nobody will read what you write. You are not a writer. Readers read articles written by professionals. You are not one of them.

These inner battles are real. Fight for self-trust.
Keeping your self-esteem burning is your personal responsibility. Believe in yourself.
It is true, some people are better than you. But in your capacity, you are just
as good.

The feeling of “I am not God enough
comes when we are too careful about what other people think about us. We can’t
build our lives on the expectations and opinions of others. Don’t allow people
to set parameters for your life.

It may invite bad feelings. Depression. Anxiety. Anger. Resentment. Fear.

DON’T. LET. THEM. PERIOD.                                                                      

Harness your inner strength. Do your best. Your best is good enough.

Pick up your pen. Start writing at once. Let ideas flow. Give your imaginations a free reign. Pour down your heart on that paper. You are writing a masterpiece.

If nothing works as you expected. When so much is
being demanded but can’t deliver as much. When so many are looking up to you,
but you don’t feel like you deserve it.

The feeling of inadequacy takes over.  Worry storms in. Self-esteem starts blinking
red. Self-respect starts dwindling.

Below are tips to realizing your self-worth;

comparing yourself with others

Who are you comparing with? What make you think he is better than you?

Are they? Are you sure? That is what I thought!

They may be admiring your strength secretly. You have
no idea what they are struggling with. They are also comparing themselves with
others. Just like you!

No one is immune to challenges. Don’t be deceived by
the outward appearances. People may appear composed, Peaceful, Comfortable, and
Carefree. But wait until you hear their story.

the inner critic

All of us have voices speaking in our hearts. These
voices are either critical or positive.

There is a critic within. Always telling you how
inadequate you are. These voices are ruthless. If not dealt with early enough
their onslaught may be fatal.

voices within
have broken marriages. They have destroyed good careers. Even
in writing careers, those negative thoughts have stopped many.

It is time to swim against the current. These voices
will always be there. They are pulling you back, but you must labor to move
forward. Against all odds.

Failure is not an option.

Your passion to move on must be stronger than the negative

In the writing industry, this critic may be strengthened by the negativity of some clients. Inability to produce good work is really a thorn in the flesh. Every proficient writer was once there. You will soon be where they are. You are good enough.

yourself with positive memories

We all have memories.

Many are negative, a few are positive. Many capitalize on the negative, for they are the majority. Naturally, the majority wins the day. Negative thoughts included.

But it is not always the case.

Remind yourself how you overcame serious challenges in
the past. Flood your heart with sweet memories. Revisit your happiest moments.
Let your heart celebrate your past victories.

What a good feeling?

These past glorious experiences open your eyes to possibilities.

Optimists are a
happy lot. They never entertain negativity. They have a way of discerning opportunities
in calamities. They are programmed to see the right side of life.


Every dreamer sees himself on the peak.

They imagine having bank accounts boiling with cash. Their sites ranking top in search engines. Clients call, left, right, and Centre.

Dream big. Dreams are in most cases far much bigger
than the dreamer.

Despite the world class dreams, we accept the truth. We are not yet there. We must start somewhere. The starting point for many who have accomplished great things was at ground zero.

Start small. Lay a firm foundation.

Make baby-steps. Gain momentum. Progressively grow.

As you reach each staircase after another, confidence starts to gather. The feeling not good enough disappears completely.

The voices in your heart change permanently. Yes, I can. I am the best.

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