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We all get confused occasionally. That’s part of life.
If you have never been confused, you have never tried something new.

But prolonged periods of confusion can be devastating.
It makes you feel like you are stuck in a perpetual foggy web of uncertainty.

Have you ever felt like that? Or are you feeling like
that right now?

Don’t worry things will clear up in a while.

I can imagine how you feel. Frustrated. Uncertain.
Stressed. Anxious. Embarrassed. Powerless.

Things don’t add up most of the time. They just don’t make
sense. You don’t know how to move on. You not sure of your next step.

I have good news for you. You are growing. It means
you have the gut to sneak from what you know to learn new things. You have
stretched your mind a little more.

Here is what to do when confusion creeps in;

your current status

When you look back everything is clear. But you would rather
not go back there. Just accept you are here and you don’t know what to do next.

It is not a point of weakness. You dared. You braved
it. You stepped out of the box.

Just congratulate yourself. Give yourself a pat on the

a deep breath


Accept it is okay to feel like that sometimes.

Now allow beautiful thoughts to swim through your
mind. Flood your mind with captivating images.

Release all the tension in your body and mind. Be free.

Focus on what you know

Concentrate on what you know already. This will clear
your mind. These will give you a jumpstart. There is always a connection
between what you don’t know and what you already know.

Don’t be in a hurry

You have moved deeper. You can’t see everything with
clarity. That shouldn’t make you back off. No. Just stay put.

Give yourself time. Time clears all doubts.


Courageously trusting your conscience make the first

You are not sure of the direction but make another
step. Take another step.

Just take a leap of faith. Move on and on. Allow yourself
to gather momentum.

Things will start to take shape. The road ahead, then clears up.

Then everything lights up. You give a sigh of relief.

You could have stayed in the comfort zone where you
know how everything works. But you dared to step out of the box. You brave the
cold outside. But it was worth it.

You can now enjoy the blessing of your confusion.

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