Become successful in freelance writing

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Become successful in freelance writing

Has it ever crossed your mind what it is that makes people so successful in freelance writing? What makes one writer so phenomenal and another writer just average? How can one writer be so busy writing business while another freelancer is not at all?

No one was born a write. It is acquired by training. Whoever has the passion to write can do it more excellently. Below i have highlighted some qualities of a good writer.

1. Good communication skills

A good writer should have exceptional grammar, spelling, and sentence construction skills. The good news is that communication skills are simple enough to be understood.

There are a lot of resources online for content creators, many free grammar checker tools, and when you are not sure about a sentence construction you can just confirm with the google search engine.

2. Excellent Editing abilities

Being able to correct and update your own work is part of being a skilled content writer.

After you write an article, take a walk and take off your writer’s hat. Then, sit back down as an editor.

Editing your initial draft of your blog post may take a while, and you might think it is more productive to use that time to create new content, but editing is the most crucial part of the content creation.

Posting an error-free, high-quality content once is more preferable than putting up low-quality content more frequently.

3. Superb storyteller

Every writer is a storyteller. Telling a story is not about grammar, word choice, and spelling. It’s using your own experiences to break down a complex topic and relate it to your readers more articulately.

Great storytellers have a sense of humour while teaching his audience something worthwhile.

4. Able to connect with the audience

A writer emotionally connects with the readers. This happens as people feel that they’re reading content written by an actual person and not by a machine.

Telling real, relatable stories involves offering up oneself to the audience.

A good content writer is able to show enough humanity and personality to connect with their readers and compel them to read their content again and again.

5. Skilled Researcher

Well-Written content is good, but a well-researched piece of content is better.

The point of the article writing is to create value and provide 
useful information to the readers. For this to happen, know how to research and where to find reliable information.
Google search is invaluable for research, but there are other sources like RedditQuora, and many others

Your content is only as good as your sources of information.

6. Know your Audience

Don’t write for the sake of writing.

You need to have a good understanding of your audience. If you are a writer and you have done good audience research when you were choosing on your blog niche, you already have a mental picture of your ideal reader.

Your target reader dictates your writing style, word choice, and even the content, so totally understanding who you’re writing for is key to writing a phenomenal content.

7. Flexible

Be current. Change with the changing times. What is trending today may be gone tomorrow. There is always an up-and-coming craze around the corner, waiting for its turn.

If you’re unable to catch up with these changes, your content will be obsolete and irrelevant. You might be serving up quality content always, but readers will think that your content is no longer relevant and won’t continue to read your content.

A good writer evolves with the ever-changing tide and never let his content be dated.

8. SEO knowledge

Even the best content is worthless if no one can read it.

SEO is not very easy to everyone, so if you feel it distracts you from creating your content, you don’t have to go too deep, nevertheless, you need to know the SEO writing basics.

When you know you can handle SEO, you can always go to advanced SEO techniques. Creating a relevant, helpful content should always be your priority.

9. Transparency

Transparent is more important now than ever.

People are sold to, and they are lied to consistently.

If your audience discovers that you have been hiding vital information from them you lose them and lose your credibility.

It costs you nothing to be honest. Always clearly indicate on your article if you were paid by a company to write about their product or service on your blog.

Always write unique content.

10. Everlearning

These are not inborn qualities, but can be learned.

Just because you don’t have these qualities, it does not mean you will never be a good writer; it just means you have to work harder to learn the trade.

Here are some tips to help you make a living by freelance writing;

1. Brand yourself!

Think of a name you can use. After settling into a name,
then create a website. Use any catchy name for your site. This must be a name
that will prompt people to visit your blog.

This will be your personal brand. Make it compelling.
Let it look professional.

2. Promote yourself

Write quality content and then distribute it to others.

Start guest blogging on popular sites. Promote yourself via social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Let your presence be felt.

Try publishing your content on popular sites such as You can direct potential clients to these sites where they
can find your work. So them what you are capable of.

Just get your name out there.

3. Set your price

Setting a low price does not mean you will get jobs. Clients are not looking cheap writers, they are seeking for quality work.

Clients will be willing to pay if you can prove your worth. Just set a price you will be comfortable to work with but make sure your work is superb.

Remember to set prices that will help you clear all your bills.

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